Child Behaviour Service

We are passionate about providing effective support to parents, teachers and professionals to facilitate positive behaviour change in children and young people.

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How Do We Help?

At Child Behaviour Service, we work with families to develop a programme of support.

Who Do We Help?

Our service is suitable for children as young as two, all the way up to and during the teenage years.

Who Are We?

I'm Karen Campbell, a child behaviour specialist committed to helping families! More About Me

Do you need support for your child or teenager’s behaviour?

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. It can also be one of the most challenging experiences. Parenting doesn’t come with a training manual, there is no specific job description, and you are required to work most days of the year! 

It has been well proven that the seemingly insignificant daily interactions that you have with your child can make a difference in how your child behaves towards family members, their peers and other adults. Some children are more difficult to manage for many different reasons, including a specific diagnosis or even a strong-willed personality. This can make parenting exhausting. At CBS, we are passionate about providing parents with the right support so that they can enjoy parenting without the stress of having to manage challenging behaviour on a daily basis. 

At CBS we offer

Accessible, affordable and life-altering solutions to change or manage your child’s behaviour and improve the quality of life for everyone. That is because we use evidence-based strategies that have proven to be successful time and time again.

Significant, positive change creates lasting improvements for both the child and for their parents or caregivers.

Managing behaviours that are causing disruption, either at home or in a school environment can be stressful - and we are here to offer you the support you need with implementing these proven strategies such as PREVENT, TEACH, REINFORCE.

At CBS we believe that the adults in the child or young person’s life can bring about this positive change so that the young person is able to enjoy positive experiences, at home and at school. This helps build confidence and healthy friendships.

Who Do We Help?

We help any parent, caregiver or adult who would like assistance with preventing behaviour that is causing disruption or distress to daily life, for the children and the adults who support them. Our service is suitable for children as young as two, all the way up to and throughout the teenage years.

At CBS we believe that the adults in the child or young person’s life can bring about a significant positive change that will lead to positive relationships and success in life. 

Parents and educators will have experienced some children and young people who have behaviours that are more difficult to manage. This can affect the child in many ways, including success in their learning, how they relate to their peers and/or adults and their ability to have friends. 

At CBS we will work individually with parents/caregivers of children who have disruptive behaviours at home or at school to develop positive behaviour patterns and reduce or prevent problem behaviour from occurring. 

This service is completely confidential to CBS, and the client and no information will be shared without the client’s permission. 

The behaviours may include having difficulty with:

  • Bedtime Routines 
  • Putting Things Away/Chores
  • Getting Ready For School
  • Tantrum Behaviour
  • Ability to Focus On A Task
  • Picky Eating Habits
  • Following Adult Instructions
  • Managing Emotions and Disappointment
  • Making Friends and Sustaining Friendships
  • Losing Games Without Having A ‘Meltdown’
Older children and young people may display difficulty with:
  • Communicating With Others
  • Using Positive Coping Strategies
  • Responding To Reasonable Requests
  • Completing Homework Requirements
  • Engaging in School Requirements/Activities
  • Maintaining Positive Friendships

If this sounds like your child or teenager, get in touch with us today for a free no obligation ten minute consultation to discuss your options. 


As a child behavioural specialist, Karen Campbell is committed to helping as many families as possible to create positive environments and support systems for ongoing success. Karen has a Master of Education degree that includes psychology applied behaviour analysis and counselling. She is no stranger to successful techniques that are proven to work with bringing about positive behaviour change.


At CBS we work with the family to develop a programme of support. This includes a summary of the current situation from consultations and possible observations to assess why the behaviour might be occurring. We then establish a specific plan for parent(s) to follow so that they are able to manage the behaviour with the strategies recommended on a daily basis. An important aspect of our service  is to ensure that parents are supported to implement the plan from our monitoring process. We ensure that you have the skills and the support needed to obtain the results you need so that your family can positively move forward.


Step 1. Free Ten Minute Consultation

A ten minute consultation is an easy way to determine if our services are the right fit for your family’s needs. This is a FREE, no obligation consult that allows you to find out if our service is right for you and your family.

Step 2. Initial Consultation Meeting (ZOOM or in person)
1x Hour at $135.00

This meeting is focused on determining the current situation and the focus of the plan. A brief summary of the issues will be written up to guide the next steps of the process.

Step 3. Setting Up Plan and Monitoring
  1. Brief summary of the issue from the initial consultation.
  2. Data Collection that could include child observation, questionnaires and analysis, further interviews.
  3.  Further one hour consultation of findings from observations and/or interviews. Brief assessment report of current situation and recommendations for the behaviour plan. 
  4. Development of a plan with target behaviour established. This will include specific strategies that will be used by the parents.
  5.  A summary of the type of monitoring that will be needed in order to ensure the  successful implementation of the plan. This could be emails, further half hour consults or even a slight adjustment to the plan if needed. 
  6. Estimated time frames and types of support will be established with you so that you fully understand the process and the pricing structure.
Step 4. Recommendations

At the end of the agreed service, there will be a summary written on the goals that have been achieved by you and your child and any future recommendations to maintain that positive change.


Clear, Honest Pricing

All pricing structures will be discussed up-front with the client after the initial consultation and analysis of behaviour. If there are any reports from other professionals to read, then this will be included in the pricing structure. The cost of an assessment report is $350 and can be booked online. The data gathering for the assessment report can be an observation, further consultation, report reading and analysis from the data provided. All this will be included in the price. The assessment report can be booked online from the website. In some exceptional cases there may be additional work needed to gain an accurate assessment. This will be discussed fully with you and your family to ensure transparency of pricing structures. 

The next phase is the behaviour plan that will be written by the behaviour specialist after a consultation with the family regarding the assessment data. In some instances a full assessment report will not be needed as some situations are more straight forward. The price of the behaviour plan is from $350.00 and includes monitoring of the plan, daily emails for the first two weeks of implementation and sometimes further consultation if the plan needs to be altered or modified any way to ensure results.  At CBS we are committed to achieving the optimum results for you and your family through our pricing structure. 

We are committed to providing a service that many people can access, therefore we aim to provide the best possible service at a reasonable price. 

It’s time to finally get the support you need, for you and your family.