Challenging Behaviour Workshops


Workshops Near You

Child Behaviour Service is based in Canterbury but are able to conduct workshops in different parts of New Zealand. Our workshops are best suited for parents, health professionals or educators to learn about why challenging behaviour happens, how to prevent escalation in behaviour and ultimately how to reduce the likelihood of the behaviour occurring again.

Behaviour is about communicating our needs. If we understand those needs by knowing the function of the behaviour we are far more likely to achieve results that will bring positive change for the child or young person.

It is all about thinking smarter and understanding why someone might have learned these disruptive behaviours and why they are being maintained.

Our workshops will give you the theory on what works, why it works and how you can develop your own strategies that will make a significant difference. Our workshops will teach you how to recognise and manage each phase of the anger cycle and keep yourself safe during a meltdown

Supervision Services

In addition to workshops, we can provide supervision services for professionals such as educators, social workers and people who work with children, adults or in the health sector.

Karen Campbell has had specific training with solution focus questioning techniques and the GROW model to develop professional practice. All supervision services will have a contract and an agreement of confidentiality.