About Me


My name is Karen Campbell, and I am the founder of Child Behaviour Service NZ. I am passionate about assisting families to acquire knowledge and new skills to bring about harmony in the home. My approach is to work ‘with’ parents rather than ‘at’ parents, using a coaching model that has a proven success record that actually works.

Your family will benefit from my many years of experience and specific training in the area of child behaviour change, including post-graduate papers in Applied Behaviour Analysis and a Master of Education degree that includes study in the area of child psychology and counselling.

Your family’s plan will be developed to specifically tailor to your needs through a combination of interviews/consultations, observation and functional behaviour assessment.

I am familiar with Autism, ADHD, Conduct Disorder, ODD, Sensory Issues, Developmental Delay and many other traits that can bring about some behaviour challenges. My methods are well researched, and therefore I can assist in these areas and many more.

My services also include workshops for parents who would like some general information on understanding the reasons why children and young people behave in certain ways. This includes the escalation cycle when children/young people are feeling angry.

I have worked for the Ministry of Education training school management teams to collect data on behaviour and to implement positive behaviour for learning initiatives. This has included providing training and follow-up coaching with schools.

Having worked with teachers and families to promote positive behaviour change in the school environment, I have been able to apply ‘the theory’ to practice, and I know what works and how to troubleshoot effectively.

I provide workshops to assist teachers and educators in understanding what is required to establish long-lasting positive behaviour.

I have been trained in supervision techniques and have provided supervision to professionals as a Practice Leader in previous job roles. This is an area that I have developed skills in and can provide Supervision services to professionals working with people and children.

I look forward to working alongside you and your family to bring about more harmony in your home environment.